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The giving of a gift.....

There are many reasons why we give a gift to someone, the most common being a special occasion, Birthdays, Weddings, Christmas etc... there is the times when we just want to make someone smile or show someone we care, There is fun gifts, gifts that bring back memories, The gift to show someone you love them or that they are not alone, what ever the reason is its always nice to give something that is special, memorable, a little different that is not something we see everyday, these are always part of the factors i think about with every request of a piece of my art, When i receive a message asking if we can design a piece for a gift i enjoy the conversation that follows, finding out the reason for the gift, asking questions which deciphers which gift will be that perfect piece for the recipient, straight away my thoughts go into overdrive and i start designing in my mind from the off, i love the joy when i finish a piece and the customer is happy and i sense their excitement for its arrival so they can pass it on to the person who inspired the whole thing, The positive feedback gives me that adrenaline buzz that makes my whole "spend it or wear it " journey all worth while, the good times, the hard times, the times when i thought this is impossible i cant do it .... its all worth it when i know i have made a difference in someones day and brought a moment of happiness into their world.

So when you'r thinking about giving a gift to someone please never hesitate and drop me a message and lets see if we can create some amazing unique coin art between us and make many more great moments in someones day.

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