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  • Is it illegal to cut up Uk coins to use for your coin art and coin rings ?
    It is illegal to cut up UK coins without consent from the UK treasury, a lot of people think you can cut up or destroy pre-decimal coins but you cannot unless you have the permission to do so, you cannot cut up or destroy/melt any decimal coin even if its out of circulation, you can use coins from other countries.
  • Do you have permission to cut up coins for your coin art and coin rings?
    yes of course we do! All of the needed permissions from the UK treasury office for us to create our coin art has been granted.
  • How do i find out my ring size?
    There is a number of ways to work out your ring size, first option and probably the most reliable option would be to pop along to your local jewellers and ask them if they can size your finger, many jewellers are happy to do this for free. next option is to order a ring sizer online these don't usually cost a lot of money, we do offer to size a ring for you by sending a ring you would wear on the same finger as the one you want your new purchase to go on and your happy with the sizing of it, we would send it back with your new purchase in the same parcel. last and a little more technical is to use a piece of string mark a dot on your finger, hold the end of the string against the dot and wrap the string around your finger and mark where it meets back at the dot, making sure you have made sure it fits nicely, once you are happy cut the string and measure it , millimetres is the best option for this, and then drop us a message and we can convert this into your ring size for you.
  • How do i clean my coin jewellery/coin rings ?
    As with all coins over time and usage they will go slightly dull, to clean we suggest using a soft bristle brush like a child's toothbrush with warm water and a little mild detergent like dish soap, then buff with a jewellery cloth or clean cotton cloth, you may also use an ultra sonic machine if you have one, if your coin jewellery is silver you can also use a bit of silvo.
  • Will my coin art contain nickel?
    Any uk coin after 1946 if it's not copper will probably contain nickel, foreign coins of any date may contain nickel. We seal our rings with jewellers sealer if they are after 1946 but this is a temporary solution and will wear off, it can be topped up with clear nail varnish to prevent any reaction from the nickel, not everyone reacts to nickel but if you start getting an itch or a rash you need to remove it and either reseal it or stop wearing it.
  • Can i use my own coin?
    We can supply the coin you wish to use for your purchase, but for them more bespoke sentimental pieces we are happy for you to supply your own coin, please message us before sending in your coin to discuss if it is suitable for your choice of coin art.
  • How long does it take before my order is dispatched?
    This will vary in time and cant give an exact dispatch time. We do always try to get your order out to you as soon as possible, times depend on your choice of coin jewellery or coin art you purchase and if we have stock of the coin , we may need to order stock in and also if you would like to use your own coins would delay the process slightly.
  • Do you ship worldwide?
    We do post world wide yes, but unfortunately due to current changes in law we can not post to Germany at this moment.
  • Can i track my order?
    All our orders are sent out with Royal Mail, tracking is available for any order over £10, you will be notified with your tracking information once your order has been dispatched.
  • Can i make changed to my order one its been placed?
    Sadly not once your order has gone through and work is in progress, due to the fact that all coin jewellery or coin art is made to order.
  • Can i design my own piece of coin art etc?
    Yes! We love it when a customer gets involved in their design and bringing their visions to life, making your purchase that little bit more sentimental and special to you makes it also special to us
  • Do i have to put down a deposit?
    We do ask for a 50% non returnable deposit on all custom orders
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