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The easiest way to find your ring size at home. With this set, you can double-check your ring size to be sure before purchasing a ring

Important Note: For Printing with the correct scale, please press Ctrl+P, select custom scale at 100%, and choose paper source by pdf page size, then print it out.

Ring Size

Ring sizes in the U.S. range from 3 to 13.5 in adult sizes. Most women’s fingers fall between 3 and 9, while men are typically between 8 to 14. These sizes are determined by millimeters. One millimeter is equivalent to .039 inches. But the fact is, most people have no idea what their ring size is. You don’t have to go to a jewellery store and start trying stuff on to figure it out. It’s very easy to find out what your ring size is at home.

How Rings Should Fit

Before you try to figure out your size, make sure you know how your ring should fit. The ring should be tight enough that it won’t fall off your finger but loose enough that you can take it on and off over your knuckle. Keep in mind that fingers change circumference size, slightly, based on temperature. When you are in a colder environment, your fingers will get a little bit smaller. In the heat, they will be a little bit thicker.



The file will be in zip format and will contain the following files, you will require a zip extractor to extract the files (most computers have this built in now)

* 1 x PDF Instructions and Ring Sizer (A4 Size)
* 1 x JPG Instructions and Ring Sizer (A4 Size)
* 1 x JPG Ring Sizer USage Explanation (A4 Size)
* 1 x PNG Ring Sizes Conversion Table (Universal) (A4 Size)
* 1 x PDF Ring Sizes Conversion Table (Universal) (A4 Size)

Note: This is an instant download - there is no physical product. The files become available to download once the purchase is processed.

Due to this item’s digital nature, it cannot be returned, exchanged, or refunded.

1. Add this listing to your cart.
2. After you complete the payment you will see the link for downloading the file.
3. Download the file(s).
4. Open using the PDF viewer of your choice.

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